Welcome to Naden Boats

   Hundreds of fishing lodges across Canada for over 35 years have made this aluminum riveted boat their choice. If drier riding, more stable, more durable are key in your vocabulary then Naden is your boat!
Naden Boats are made in Temagami, Ontario, Canada.We powder coat our boats rather than use automotive paint.  Powder coating has a greater resistance to scratching and the colour lasts longer.  Our process of powder coating releases no toxins into the atmosphere or the water. All our Boats are Painted Green – Even the Red Ones

Every Naden model is constructed with 5 bottom keels which add rigidity, make the hulls more resistant to wear, and improve the steer ability under all conditions.

Naden Boats is the closed caption sponsor for the Canadian Sportfishing TV Series with Celebrity Host Italo Labignan.



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